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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lanna Crafts XIX

Lanna Cultures & Traditions (cont.):
Buddhism has influence on the lives of Lanna people for long time. Whenever there is any Buddhist religious ceremony, everyone is willing to help with his/her belief on the religion to get good deeds. As mentioned in the latest article – Lanna Crafts XVIII that there is an important Buddhist ceremony as a big public festival of Lanna called Poy Luang which is concerning to the religious celebrations on Buddhist building. Today we will see in details what significant it is and how it is performed.
Lanna Crafts - Picture of Poy Luang ceremony
Picture of Poy Luang ceremony
- Tradition about Poy Luang, actually Poy Luang in Lanna language means the religious building celebrations from the faith of the people, such as temples, chapels or monk habitats, etc., which needs many helps from many people to set all activities. In the past, Lanna people were very proud to participate in Poy Luang (even now, they are also still proud to this ceremony), because this ceremony was rarely established on one human generation. This is due to it will be held up only when there is a new construction of religious buildings. However in the present day, they will choose 3-7 days in February-May of every year to set this ceremony.

The purposes of Poy Luang ceremony are to make a merit to ancestors or passed away relatives, and to gather local people to have an activity together with amusement on all entertainments as a festival.

Lanna Crafts - Picture of Toong (Lanna Flag)
Toong (Lanna Flag)
Two to three days before the ceremony date, Lanna people will prepare the Lanna flags (called Toong) around 2 meters long which are beautifully cotton weaving with silver or gold lining, or weaving as the Thai flags, or Zodiac sign flags. The flags will be attached to the edges of bamboo sticks which are pitched on the streets around the village. Along both sides of village’s streets will be colorful, and it will be a sign to show that there will be a Poy Luang ceremony here.

There will be three ceremony days for the Poy Luang:

  • First day called ‘Wan Da’ or ‘Wan Tang Da’, Lanna people will prepare foods, fruits, utensils for monks to take to the temple. These utensils for monks will be decorated neatly and might have a bamboo stick with bank notes for each set of them.
  • Second day called ‘Wan Kin’, is a happy day for a party with all foods, alcohols, etc.
  • Third day called ‘Wan Tan’, everyone from every house will prepare to move to the temple with all entertainments, such as musical bands, dancing of all relatives, etc. At the same time, there will be amusements in the temple area, some local performances, and a lot of merchants as a temple festival. The monks will bless everyone with melodic and stylistic tone to please the people who bring all foods and utensils to the temple.

Today recommended Crafts/Handmade Products:

1) ‘SKY LANTERNS 14 Pack - Assorted ColorsFrom Sky Lanterns / Khoom Fay:
Lanna Crafts - SKY LANTERNS 14 Pack - Assorted Colors
- Assorted Colors
This is the original handmade Sky Lantern. Not a cheap copy, this is the original.

  • The only lantern which the fuel source is already attached. No assembly required, no plastic.
  • Flame Retardant - 100% Biodegradable - Fully Assembled!
  • 2 Pieces Of Each Color ~ Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow And White
  • Great For Every Party And Get-Together!
  • Safe And Fun For Everybody!
  • Measures 16" W x 16" L x 40" H
Lanna Crafts - Large 8 inches Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle
Large 8" Thai Granite 
Mortar and Pestle
A nice souvenir from Thailand for Thai daily cooking style
  • Crushing with a granite mortar and pestle releases the flavor of fresh spices better than chopping with the blade of a food processor
  • Made of the highest quality 100% hand-carved solid granite (stone), natural grey-green color
  • 3+ cup capacity, 15-17 lbs. 5.5"inner bowl, 5" height. 8" pestle
  • The pestle and inside surface of the mortar are finely polished, so it will not absorb odors from food!
  • Beautiful appearance that will last a lifetime!

(To be continued)

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